Our hospital is located in the capital of Balaton, on the western side of Siófok with a landscaped environment. The instituition was established in 1968, which is in the same age with the inauguration of Siófok and has a determining role in the curing of the citizens in the area.
The insitution provides the medical attendance for the residents of the southern side of Balaton lake and also for tourists and guest employees.
The hospital provides the inpatient- and outpatient attendance with 327 beds in 8 in-patient care, in 15 trades. As a result of tourism, in the area of our hospital service there is a significant increase in the population during the summer. Therefore, we have to provide high level of profesional attendance for the tourists.
The surgery has 72 beds which split among 3 trades. The surgery works with 32 beds, both the traumatology and urulogy with 20-20 beds. Internal medicine, with its 99 beds, is a determing part of the hospital. Mainly the cardiology (20 beds) and gastroeneterology (24 beds) can be emphasized.
A dialisys station works next to the hospital, thus the provision of the kidney- and metabolism diseased is important, which runs with 5 beds. Among the confines of the systemic unit, the maintenance of diabetics works well.
The obstretics and gynecology section possesses 45 beds. The delivery room was renewaled in 2007, therefore modern conditions were created.
The treatment of the patients with a life-threatening condition is performed by the intensive care with 8 beds. Neurology works with 30 beds.
On the 14 beds of otolaryngology goes on an appropriate care adjusted to the interventions.
The ophthalmology has discontinued since 2012.07.01, and been repleaced by one-day eye care.
Instead od the current operating room, in the context of TIOP 2.2.4. project, a hight-standard, modern and centralized surgery-block will is going to provide the surgical attendance.
The paediatry provides 36 beds linked with otolaryngology (4 beds). Ambulance is constantly available for the patients.
The attendance of chronic medicine is performed on 23 beds.
The outpatient attendance happens in our clinics for this purpose. The consecutive care is provided by the emergency room in 24/7.
Other facilities: physiotherapy, dispensary, dermatology, psychiatry
Two important projects have been put into effect in the ecent past: one about the infrastructual development near the hospital, which is still in progress. The other one is about the new, more modern appearance of our institution, which has been ready in January 2012, including lagging, window replacement, heating modernization.
Every employee in the hospital strives to provide high-quality care and help our patients' recovery as quick as possible.